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Every so often it’s good to give your imagination a break and venture into the mind and imagination of other storytellers. Here, Key Listener and Kyle Steiner will pick a story that has intrigued, inspired and entertained from other great Montana writers and creatives.


The Latest Pick

Kyle Says
As summer begins, we usually like to get transported to another place (aka summer vacation). Allen Morris Jones, who I had the pleasure of seeing at a speaking engagement in Bozeman, transports readers into the world of Ted Sweeney, a former New York mobster who has since been relocated to Southwest Montana (“relocated” as in “witness protection”). I never knew I wanted to dive deeper into the mind of a mobster, nor did I ever realize how fascinating it would be to experience a character with half a New Yorker brain and half a Montanan brain. No matter how you interpret the title (I interpret it as a man whose life is like a strong drink - one that’s not smooth, but definitely on the rocks), this is a sure-read to kick off the summer.

About the Author
Allen Morris Jones is the author of the acclaimed novels Last Year’s River, which was chosen as a Barnes & Noble Discover pick, and A Bloom of Bones. He lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife and young son.