Snow Ghost

Every winter, as snow begins to pile up, snow ghosts come to life, guiding us with their bright white glow through the cold dark days of winter. 

Benjamin the snow ghost, however, does not glow as bright as he used to. Feeling lost, Benjamin drifts around coming across characters of all shapes and sizes as they light the way on his journey to get his glow back…

Coming November 2019.




Have you ever looked to the sky, spotted a balloon and thought, "I wonder where that will land if it pops?"
This is the story about a little blue balloon who pops over Bozeman, MT and gets brought back to life. With his new friend, Chase, the balloon goes on all new adventures and learns the true meaning of friendship.



The Legend of the Squiger

When a little squirrel dreams of becoming the next best pitcher, he must overcome ridicule and feeling unaccepted to understand what it takes to follow his dreams. With the help of Righty Rabbit, a seasoned fan of the game and his coach, Caribou Cal, the Squirrel is one throw closer to bringing his dreams to the big game.