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Key Listener Productions is an award-winning multimedia production company in Bozeman, Montana that develops and produces stories across many mediums. From start to finish, we are able to create, package and deliver stories and experiences directly to our audience.

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Our Stories

No matter the medium, storytelling is at the center of everything we do.
From books to radio theater plays, Key Listener Productions captures the heart and mind with imaginative stories and innovative storytelling.

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January 2019

Patched was voted #1 Book Released in 2018 in the 2019 Bozeman’s Choice Reader’s Poll, being recognized by over 23,000 votes and over 1,400 voters.

Source / Bozeman Magazine




Behind every great story is an idea.

The Key Listener Productions team has successfully told award-winning and captivating stories across many ideas and brands. Now, the same people are available to help bring your story to center stage. Work with us to grow your story and brand through every iteration of the creative and strategic process. 

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Key Listener Productions

Founded by visionary storyteller Kyle Steiner, Key Listener Productions creates original content for its audience across many mediums. By building a community of storytellers: writers, directors, producers, illustrators, designers, musicians and ultimately, visionaries, Key Listener Productions is celebrating the independent spirit of storytelling by shaking up the status quo on how stories are told and shared.



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