Kyle Steiner - Founder of Key Listener Productions

Kyle Steiner

Founder of Key Listener Productions

In 2011, Kyle Steiner founded Key Listener Productions as an entertainment and multi-media company. In the beginning, Key Listener Productions offered wide-ranging services to external clients, later transitioning to Kyle's initial dream of producing original content to share with the world.

Currently, Kyle oversees creative direction of the company's day-to-day journey forward and productions spanning from books to movies, radio theater plays and short stories.

On-Air, Behind the Mic


In 2013, Kyle started his imaginative endeavors behind the microphone of a popular Bozeman radio station, KGLT. From the moment he was an apprentice and saw the "On Air" light flash on, he was hooked. Starting the hit late-night program, The Key Listener Show in 2014, Kyle rode the airwaves with original content and programming until 2016. Throughout his years on the radio, Kyle began focusing on voiceover work. It was around this time that he thought he could lend his voice to original ideas, starting with The Legend of the Squiger...

Kyle Steiner - Voiceover and Radio in Bozeman
Kyle and The Legend of the Squiger Cast

The Squiger Years

2013 - 2017

During the summer of 2013, Kyle wrote his first story: The Legend of the Squiger. Released as a limited print-run in the fall of 2013, Kyle toyed with the idea of bringing Squiger to the spotlight. For three years, he created the foundation of his vision: creating an entertainment production studio to the likes of Pixar or Lucasfilm (his inspirations) in Bozeman. In 2017, Kyle produced and directed his original story, The Legend of the Squiger, under the Key Listener banner. This story became available as a book and an immersive radio theater production, providing an original score and sound effects to enhance the storytelling from the book. 

New Heights with Patched


In 2018, Kyle and his team set out to produce the story Patched, a story he came up with while recording the radio theater production for The Legend of the Squiger. Taking place in Bozeman and across Montana, Kyle wanted to bring new light to the place he calls home and the place that inspired him to take his company where it is today. Patched became the top-selling book for a local author at Barnes & Noble in Bozeman, MT. and was voted “#1 Local Book Released in 2018” in the Bozeman’s Choice Awards.

With two stories produced and his company “on the map,” 2018 would be the year that Kyle and Key Listener Productions build up from.

Kyle - Snow Ghost
Kyle and Patch and Squiger

Snow Ghost

2019 and Beyond

Back in 2013, Kyle came up with the idea for a “snow ghost,” drifting apparitions made of snow that come to life every winter from the frigid blowing winds. Through many story iterations, Kyle realized that his snow ghost character, Benjamin, couldn’t be contained to just one book. Successfully raising funds through his first Kickstarter, Kyle worked to bring to life three books (a version for every age group): Snow Ghost, Glow Like a Snow Ghost, and The Lost Traveler’s Directions: A Snow Ghost Story.