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Have you ever looked to the sky, spotted a balloon and thought, "I wonder where that will land if it pops?" This is the story about a little blue balloon who pops over Bozeman, MT and gets brought back to life. With his new friend, Chase, the balloon goes on all new adventures and learns the true meaning of friendship.

The Story


It was a chilly February day when Kyle Steiner was on a lunch break from recording the radio theater production for The Legend of the Squiger. Just as he walked into a sandwich shop in Downtown Bozeman, he spotted a little balloon floating away, high in the sky. Thinking to himself, "I wonder where that balloon will land if it pops?" Kyle came up with the idea for Patched

Kyle Patched Profile Shot - Story

The Characters

Patch Character Image


Living high up in the sky, Patch has always wondered what it would be like to live in the world down below. However, he has always been too afraid to venture lower in the sky fearful of floating into something that would pop him! That is, until one day, when he gets caught in a storm...

Chase Character Image


Chase enjoys riding his bike around Bozeman, but never has a friend to join him...that is, until he comes across a little blue balloon. Chase patches up the popped blue balloon and teaches his new friend what it's like to experience new places, all while the two of them learn the true meaning of friendship.


Kyle Steiner has always said, "If I can love something as much as I love Bozeman, I'll know it's true love." With that mindset, it was important from the start to really captivate the essence of Bozeman and Montana in the design and creation of the world of Patched. Throughout the story, Patch and Chase venture all over Bozeman and out to Yellowstone National Park. Here are some of our favorite spots in the story.


The "M" - Bozeman, MT.

An icon in the Gallatin Valley and the staple of the town of Bozeman, The "M" serves as the focal point for Patched

Wild Joe's - Bozeman, MT.

Patch and Chase enjoy a break inside "Bozeman's Living Room," Wild Joe's Coffee Spot in Downtown Bozeman. Wild Joe's is also where Kyle wrote Patched.

The Baxter Hotel - Bozeman, MT.

If you know the skyline of Bozeman, or even just look at a photography of the skyline, The Baxter Hotel is the most prominent building in the lineup. We couldn't keep from having a scene take place at this iconic landmark. 

Yellowstone National Park - Montana

The state of Montana has so much to offer that we didn't want to confine our ideas to just Bozeman. Yellowstone National Park is where Chase's family goes on their annual camping trip, and with Patch along for the ride, he gets to experience even more of the world down below the sky.


The Credits

Written by: Kyle Steiner
Illustrated by: Yulian Mulyono
Designed by: Sam Yarborough
Author Photo by: Alex Reynes
Creative Direction by: Kyle Steiner