About Key Listener Productions

Key Listener Productions creates original content for its audience. Learn more about our process below.


All great ideas start somewhere. Our stories, whether started in-house or discovered somewhere out in the world, are carefully chosen and assessed before being green lit. From stacks of sticky notes to completed outlines and text, Key Listener Productions values the process of pitching, storyboarding and working with clients to streamline and refine the storytelling process.


From working with timelines and budgets and adding to the overall creative process and experience of a project, Key Listener Productions works to bring untold stories to life in mediums spanning the entire entertainment spectrum through productions both big and small.


Technically speaking, post-production is where it all comes together. Whether trimming down a story, binding a book, or crafting musical compositions, Key Listener Productions works with the finest to get all of our stories ready for the spotlight.


Marketing. Advertising. Sales reporting. Growing the audience. Distribution starts during development to research how to best share our stories and never finishes. Creating, packaging and delivering stories and experiences directly to our audience is what “distribution” is all about.