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When a little squirrel dreams of becoming the next best pitcher, he must overcome ridicule and feeling unaccepted to understand what it takes to follow his dreams.
With the help of Righty Rabbit, a seasoned fan of the game and his coach,
Caribou Cal, the Squirrel is one throw closer to bringing his dreams to the big game.

The Characters

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Dreaming of the Big Leagues

The Squirrel is not like the other animals playing baseball. He is smaller and doesn't throw the ball like everyone else. However, his passion and heart bring him closer to his dreams...and that tail-whipping throw becomes one of the best pitches the league has ever seen.



Righty Rabbit

A seasoned fan of the game, Righty Rabbit lives in a hole out in right field. He has seen many players come and go, and offers just the right advice to the Squirrel to help him make it through his doubts and follow his dreams.

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Sid Stripes

Sid Stripes was the star pitcher of the Tremendous Tigers. He had the most strikeouts in the league and was the staple of the team. When he lost the game for his team during the championship game, Sid couldn't come back from that loss. He was too down to return for another season, opening up a spot for a new pitcher on the team...



Caribou Cal

The coach of the Tremendous Tigers, Caribou Cal sees something in the Squirrel that others do not: unique talent and drive. Caribou Cal gives the Squirrel a shot as a relief pitcher for the team, but he must make a call that could make or break the team later in the season...

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Jackie Jackalope

The new hot-shot in the league, Jackie Jackalope hardly every misses a ball. He might not be as big, but his swing says it all. Home-run after home-run, Jackie has proven himself to be the best batter in the league. How will he do when facing the Squirrel? 


The Credits

Written by: Kyle Steiner
Illustrated by: Yulian Mulyono
Designed by: Siana Mihova
Author Photo by: Alex Reynes
Creative Direction by: Kyle Steiner